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Urban Resilience Advisor

Associated Builders has expertise as a resilience advisor in the San Francisco Bay Area, and around the world, working with clients in multiple continents. As an international resilience advisor, Associated Builders recognizes the importance of quality construction as the cornerstone of any city’s resilience. We leverage our decade’s worth of project experience and network of San Francisco Bay Area technical experts to offer strategies for cities looking to integrate resilience in their planning practice.

Urban planning plays a critical role in ensuring the long-term resilience of cities, and as a resilience advisor, Associated Builders, a leading Bay Area construction company, recognizes the importance of incorporating resilient strategies into urban development projects. Resilience in urban planning refers to the ability of cities to adapt, withstand, and recover from various shocks and stresses, such as natural disasters, climate change, economic downturns, and social disruptions. By actively considering and implementing resilience measures, urban planners can help create sustainable, adaptable, and livable communities. (Learn More Here)

What Is A Resilience Advisor?

A resilience advisor is a professional who specializes in assessing and mitigating risks, enhancing preparedness, and promoting resilience in various contexts such as infrastructure, organizations, or communities.

How Are We Different?

Since the 1980s, Associated Builders has worked in one of the most challenging construction regions – San Francisco Bay Area. We have learned through experience how to build and develop resilient projects that can stand the test of the elements (fog, water, salt), earthquakes, intense winds and more.

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