Sidewalk Gardens

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Sidewalk Gardens
San Francisco Bay Area

Associated Builders is experienced in creating sidewalk gardens that exemplify best management practice (BMP) in storm water management. Whether the project includes bioswales or berms, these gardens bring numerous community and environmental benefits. The green spaces integrated into sidewalks enhance the urban landscape, improve aesthetics, and create a sense of tranquility. They provide shade, reducing the urban heat island effect, and improve air quality. Sidewalk garden also contribute to the city’s resilience (See Resilience Advisory) by reducing stormwater runoff and alleviating pressure on drainage systems.

Associated Builders’ expertise in landscape design and construction ensures the creation of sustainable and visually appealing sidewalk gardens that contribute to the overall well-being of communities and promote ecological balance.


Excess rainwater can overwhelm water processing facilities - how can we put the water to use?

Solution - Sidewalk Gardens

Also known as a bioswale, or berm, a sidewalk garden creates a function and aesthetically pleasing solution to catch water and put it to use!

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